This unit covers the Physical Sciences strand of the Australian Curriculum for Year 1. In this unit, students will explore the forces used to move everyday objects, through observations and hands-on experiences. Students will investigate how the design of various objects helps to produce stronger pushes and pulls. They will get hands-on experience working with and manipulating materials with a series of fun activities and experiments. Each of the lessons has an accompanying presentation and worksheet for students to complete. The unit culminates with a final assessment where students can demonstrate their understanding of the forces used to move objects.

7 x 1 hour lessons
Cross curriculum
22x resources/worksheets
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Australian Curriculum - (QLD/SA/WA/NT/TAS/ACT)


Describe pushes and pulls in terms of strength and direction and predict the effect of these forces on objects’ motion and shape


The key concepts in this unit include:

  • Exploring the forces of push and pull.
  • Investigate the amount of force needed to move objects by pushing and pulling.
  • Investigate how pushing or pulling an object can start, stop or change its direction of travel.
  • Explore the basic concept of gravity.
  • Explore the movement of toys from around the world, including Indigenous toys.
Learning Intention
  • We are learning to describe pushes and pulls and the forces used to move objects.
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