The 2024 Personalised Teacher Planner has landed!



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Our Planner Collective and Teach This team have been collaborating together to bring you your new teaching bestie.


Are you ready to embark on a journey of organisation, inspiration and success in the upcoming school year?


Look no further than our Personalised Teacher Planner. It's not just a planner; it's your trusted companion, your confidant and your ultimate teacher bestie.



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Imagine a planner that not only keeps you organised but also adds a touch of beauty, elegance and joy to your daily routine. With its exquisite design and attention to detail, this planner is a true work of art. The sleek cover, crafted with premium Australian materials, instantly captivates your senses, making it a joy to hold and behold. And the best part? You can choose from a wide range of beautiful and vibrant covers, ensuring that your planner matches your unique style and personality.


But our Personalised Planner doesn't stop there. We understand that every teacher has different planning needs, which is why we offer three planner types to choose from:



Designed for those who prefer to see their week at a glance. This planner provides spacious weekly spreads, allowing you to plan ahead, set goals and manage your time effectively.
Perfect for teachers who thrive on a more detailed approach. This planner offers a dedicated page for each day, giving you ample room for planning.
Specifically designed to help you track and manage assessments. This planner includes sections to record student progress and test results along with space for note taking, making assessment time a breeze.


Build Your Planner


Inside your Teacher Planner, you'll find everything you need to stay organised, from teaching standards, term reflections, anecdotal pages, motivational quotes and daily/weekly spreads that provide ample space to jot down your lesson plans, important notes and much, much more. We understand that teaching can be overwhelming at times, so we have even included a wellness section and mindfulness colouring, not to mention a few little jokes and surprises to keep you inspired throughout the year.


But what truly sets this planner apart is its personalisation feature. We believe that your planner should reflect your individuality and style. That's why we offer the option to personalise your Teacher Planner with your name, a beautiful cover design and high-quality metal coil. It becomes more than just a tool; it becomes a reflection of your personality and a daily reminder of your passion for teaching.



This is more than just a planner; it's a trusted companion that supports you every step of the way and it looks great too. Designed to lay flat and fit seamlessly into your bag, the Teacher Planner will be by your side wherever you go. Whether you're in the classroom, at a meeting or enjoying a well-deserved break, it is always ready to assist and inspire you.


Join the league of empowered and organised Australian teachers who have discovered the magic of our Personalised Teacher Planner. Say goodbye to planning chaos and hello to your new teacher bestie.


Build Your Planner


Designed by Australian teachers, printed on Australian-made paper and hand-finished locally, this is the ultimate personalised teacher planner for Australian teachers.


Don't wait another moment — order your Personalised Teacher Planner today and enter a world of organisational bliss!




Buy, this planner will keep you organised and it is clearly and brightly set out.

This teacher planner makes me happy- the colours and layout are fun and add colour to days that are challenging.

Patricia – Year 5, QLD

I tell everyone to buy this one, hands down!! It has everything I need in a planner and keeps getting better each year.

Jessica – Year 3, VIC

It’s quality and made by people who teach, has everything you need, and nothing you don't. Not a wasted page or area in this book.

Melissa – Teacher, Year 1, NSW

I have shown my planner to other staff and they are equally as impressed with the contents as I am. Hoping to get more staff ordering next year :)

Donna – Teacher, Year 4, WA

It is pleasant to open something beautiful that is work-related. It makes the process of planning more pleasant. It is practical and functional - keeps all my 'bits' in one place.

Lee – Teacher, Year 2, WA

I would highly recommend this planner… it has really helpful sections for the additional classroom stuff. I really like the term planner at a glance - it's super helpful to flick between when planning. I also really like that there are daily quotes and it's all round super cute! I have had a few of my colleagues comment on how nice it is.

Tilly – Teacher, Year 6, NSW

It caters to my needs more than any other planner and I don’t need to rule lines or add daily dates. Plus there’s adequate room for all my daily lessons with built-in reminders and to-do lists! What more does a teacher need?

Toni – Teacher, Year 4, QLD

It's good value for money, beautifully and creatively designed and colourful!
Get it, you won't be disappointed!

Karen – Teacher, Year 3, VIC

I have used this one for the last three years and I find it the best tool as a teacher.

Lee – Teacher, Foundation, WA

I am very fussy about the layout of my planner and this one is the best one for my needs. I also like that it is colourful and I love the extra stickers. It has great personalisation, everything you need and more is inside.

Anita – Year 4, QLD

It is good quality, it is Australian, it is personalised, it has all the necessary aspects to our teaching year & I love it!

A definite winner for me! It has everything we need in one handy location and it is a quality product.

Leisa – Year 5, QLD

I like my planner it helps me get organised and it brings some happiness into my day which I take into my classes.

Selin – Maths/Science Teacher, High School, VIC

Planner is filled with ideas, places to keep notes and student records all in one place. It is beautiful, so I enjoy using it and reading the extra pieces of info. It is well made and robust.

Leone – Specialist Teacher, SA