What People are saying about our Teacher Planner
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The Teach This Planner is supreme. It has absolutely everything a teacher needs, is aesthetically pleasing, constructed from quality materials and is easy to carry to and from.

Keryn – Teacher, Year 2, QLD

It’s quality and made by people who teach, has everything you need, and nothing you don't. Not a wasted page or area in this book.

Melissa – Teacher, Year 1, NSW

I love how personal and functional it is… It’s amazing! I have used it for years and won’t be changing any time soon.

Emma-Louise – Teacher, Year 2, WA

I have used this one for the last three years and I find it the best tool as a teacher.

Lee – Teacher, Foundation, WA

It's worth the money and is one of the best that I have used

Ann – Specialised Teacher, QLD

I have shown my planner to other staff and they are equally as impressed with the contents as I am. Hoping to get more staff ordering next year with Teach This :)

Donna – Teacher, Year 4, WA

It is pleasant to open something beautiful that is work-related. It makes the process of planning more pleasant. It is practical and functional - keeps all my 'bits' in one place.

Lee – Teacher, Year 2, WA

It really does have everything I need and want and it's so pretty.

Belinda – Teacher, Year 1, QLD

I would highly recommend this planner… it has really helpful sections for the additional classroom stuff. I really like the term planner at a glance - it's super helpful to flick between when planning. I also really like that there are daily quotes and it's all round super cute! I have had a few of my colleagues comment on how nice it is.

Tilly – Teacher, Year 6, NSW

I tell everyone to buy this one, hands down!! It has everything I need in a planner and keeps getting better each year.

Jessica – Year 3, VIC

It is good quality, it is Australian, it is personalised, it has all the necessary aspects to our teaching year & I love it!

A definite winner for me! It has everything we need in one handy location and it is a quality product.

Leisa – Year 5, QLD

It caters to my needs more than any other planner and I don’t need to rule lines or add daily dates. Plus there’s adequate room for all my daily lessons with built in reminders and to do lists! What more does a teacher need?

Toni – Teacher, Year 4, QLD

I like my planner it helps me get organised and it brings some happiness into my day which I take into my classes.

Selin – Maths/Science Teacher, High School, VIC

Planner is filled with ideas, places to keep notes and student records all in one place. It is beautiful so I enjoy using it and reading the extra pieces of info. It is well made and robust.

Leone – Specialist Teacher, SA

It has absolutely everything you could need, it's fun to use and it's gorgeous to look at! Definitely buy the Teach This Planner - it's SO good!

Kate – Level Leader, Foundation, VIC

It's good value for money, beautifully and creatively designed and colourful!
Get it, you won't be disappointed!

Karen – Teacher, Year 3, VIC

It's really cute, you'll love looking at it every day, do it.

Keri – Teacher, Kindergarten, NSW

I am very fussy about the layout of my planner and this one is the best one for my needs. I also like that it is colourful and I love the extra stickers. It has great personalisation, everything you need and more is inside.

Anita – Year 4, QLD

Just look at how amazing this really is!

Glynis – Foundation, NSW

Buy, this planner will keep you organised and it is clearly and brightly set out.

This teacher planner makes me happy- the colours and layout are fun and add colour to days that are challenging.

Patricia – Year 5, QLD

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