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Better Word Choices - Feelings

Better Word Choices - Feelings

These charts have a myriad of uses in the classroom. They can be used to help students express their own emotions. The visual aspect of these emotions makes them perfect for students on the autism spectrum. They are also a non-threatening way for students who have difficulty reading larger words, to recognise the correct word for their feeling.

Encourage students to use these charts extensively in recounts and imaginative writing.



For lower students, you may wish to place a gold star sticker beside the one or two best words you'd like them to focus on for each chart. Taking this one step further, you can create a reward chart for individual students where you reward them with a star on their personal chart for each time they take the initiative to use one of the words from the classroom charts. For students on the autism spectrum, take a photo of the student holding the reward they will earn and attach this to their reward chart so they can see what they are working towards.


To make a quick game, split students into teams, give them a few seconds to look at one of the posters before you take it away. Challenge groups to write each of the synonyms for that feeling. Award points for the number each group accurately recalled.

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Deborah Shepherd
Posted 3 years ago
VIC, Australia
Another great display to build student vocabulary and make more interesting word choices.