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Coins Galore

Coins Galore
Mathematics Games & Activities

Coins Galore is more advanced than our "Coins Bingo" game. Coins Galore is designed for 4 players. However, Players are required to do more addition with Australian coins. It is a fantastic way to practise counting money in a fun way that keeps students actively engaged as they learn.

Terrie Campbell
Posted 8 years ago
QLD, Australia
This game is so good to use with children who are uncertain about amounts of coins. Have used it in my classroom and the children love it.
Rhona Stewart
Posted 3 years ago
, Australia
This resource was just what I needed for my Maths group this term.
Cheryl Wixon
Posted 2 years ago
, Australia
This resource is great. To make it easier, it would be good if the dollar coins were in colour, Thanks.