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Consonant Digraph Cards

Consonant Digraph Cards
English Games & Activities

This is a perfect little game focusing on high frequency consonant digraphs - ch, sh, th and wh. Each card comes with an easily recognisable picture for students to use as they match the missing digraphs on each card. There are 27 individual word cards.

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Traci Holland
Posted 10 years ago
QLD, Australia
My classroom buzzes each time I get a new game from your site.
Judy Mellor
Posted 10 years ago
QLD, Australia
Just love this one.
Magda Keates
Posted 10 years ago
QLD, Australia
All your resources are absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for bringing fun into the learning and providing this website for dedicated Teachers who don't always have the time to create their own resources. Magda
Bev Davies
Posted 8 years ago
NSW, Australia
My kids love this - it allows me to see if they have these blends quickly and easily