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CVC Words Missing End Consonant


Made by request, this set of CVC words provides practise in identifying the final consonant.

There are 95 CVC words in total. On each card the CVC word is printed on the left side while a full colour, corresponding picture is printed on the right hand side of the card. CVC words are an exciting step forward for emergent readers. Once students have been introduced to basic phonics, they are ready to move on to these words. They consist of a Consonant, a Vowel and then another consonant and motivate students to continue practising their reading skills.

Dixie Kelly
Posted 4 years ago
WA, Australia
Thanks this will save me so much time making similar activities. I have a boy who is globally delayed and activities like this are so valuable to him.
Colleen Thorp
Posted 2 years ago
QLD, Australia
OMG... this will save me so much time making similar activities. My kids love using these at group rotations and I have even used them in reading groups as an activity...AWESOME