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Elf on the Shelf Booklet

Elf on the Shelf Booklet

This Elf on the Shelf booklet includes fun, hands-on and interactive activities that may be enjoyed in the classroom or at home, in the lead-up to Christmas.

The booklet includes worksheets for naming the elf, coded messages from Santa and an elf report card. Also included, are resources that may be printed and laminated, such as the countdown cards, an elf on the shelf planner, daily mission cards, joke of
the day cards and hello and goodbye letters from the elf. Your students will love it!

Kerry Lane
Posted 5 months ago
WA, Australia
I loved this. I’ve used it to plan my Elf adventures in class, at this time of year it is delightful to do for the kids, but it’s also a frantic time for us teachers. Thanks for this!