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Handwriting with the Cat

Handwriting with the Cat
English Resources

Use the handwriting cat to show students how to construct each letter of the alphabet. The handwriting cat breaks each letter into 3 separate components - head, body and tail.

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Rebecca Travers
Posted 9 years ago
QLD, Australia
Great resource to use with my beginner writers for formation of letters. We use red and blue lined exercise books though and as young minds are so literal they think that the word should be written on the red line as illustrated...I have had to go over the red line with blue pen and the top and bottom lines in red to match our books!
Jade Tauber
Posted 9 years ago
VIC, Australia
thank you so much!
Stacie Bycroft
Posted 9 years ago
QLD, Australia
My kids love using the cats and have related very well to the head/body/tail talk.
Kate Hill
Posted 9 years ago
WA, Australia
I LOVE this, just what I was thinking I needed for my Year 1 class...any chance of turning it into a desk strip? If you did that you could have all of the capital letters below (obviously they are all head and body letters, but having them together for visual learners makes sense to me...)
Tanya Annear-Walker
Posted 9 years ago
VIC, Australia
Another great resource, thanks TEACH THIS!
Corinne Shaw
Posted 9 years ago
QLD, Australia
These are absolutely gorgeous and I printed them all out (in Qld print) and then realised that the red line is not where it is in the handwriting books. Our books are red, blue, blue, red. I teach red for head and blue for body. In these the red line is under the letter on the bottom of the body letter. Is there a reason for them being the way they are? Is this the way they are in other states?
Laura Newman
Posted 1 year ago
Fantastic for those students working on letter heights
Brianna McPhee
Posted 4 years ago
NSW, Australia
Love this! Amazing for visual learners but is it possible to change the colour of the lines to match those in the handwriting books and the printable paper on your website? Thanks!
Tania Stevens
Posted 2 years ago
, Australia
Fabulous resource to show children where the letters sit on the lines.
Angela Roberts
Posted 1 year ago
Love this resource.