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Homework Year 1 Grid Style

Homework Year 1 Grid Style
Resources Year 1



The Homework we've created for Year 1 is a modified version of the grid format we've created for each of the higher grades. 


This homework draws from the English, Mathematics, Science and HASS Australian Curriculum content. We have included some open-ended creative thinking questions throughout the year. 


The Year 1 Homework is designed to be revision of the work previously covered in class. It is not meant to be particularly challenging. It provides parents with a simple overview of the type of Maths and English questions their child should be familiar with. 


The Parents' Choice board allows families to tailor homework to their own needs and incorporate their child's existing after-school commitments.


To provide flexibility, we have not included week numbers. You may pick and choose the content you deliver on any given week, to suit your needs. Year levels are indicated by the number of stars in the top right corner. 



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