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Letter Tracing Charts

Letter Tracing Charts
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The Letter Tracing Charts were created for students in the first year of primary school to meet the English Curriculum ACELY1653 and ACELA1758. They provide guidelines to help students learn to correctly form each lowercase letter of the alphabet.


As an additional challenge, students can find sight words among the letters. This feature keeps the charts highly relevant throughout the school year. 

Curriculum Codes


Form most lower-case and upper-case letters using learnt letter formations

AC9E1LY08 9

Write words using unjoined lower-case and upper-case letters

ACELY1653 8.4

Produce some lower case and upper case letters using learned letter formations

ACELY1663 8.4

Write using unjoined lower case and upper case letters

ENe-3A old

Produces most lower case and upper case letters and uses digital technologies to construct texts

EN1-3A old

Composes texts using letters of consistent size and slope and uses digital technologies

ENE-HANDW-01 new

Produces all lower-case and upper-case letters to create texts

EN1-HANDW-01 new

Uses a legible, fluent and automatic handwriting style, and digital technology, including word-processing applications, when creating texts


Understand that sounds in English are represented by upper- and lower-case letters that can be written using learned letter formation patterns for each case


Understand how to use learned formation patterns to represent sounds and write words using combinations of unjoined upper- and lower-case letters

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Theresa Grills
Posted 2 years ago
New South Wales, Australia
These have been great during Literacy rotations as once the routine was set, even Kindy can do these independently