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MAB Bingo 1-99

MAB Bingo 1-99
Mathematics Games & Activities

This game is suitable for up to 8 players and provides essential practise in place value using MAB Blocks.

Kerrilyn O'Brien
Posted 7 years ago
NSW, Australia
What a great idea! The kids love playing this game.
Lorraine Pederick
Posted 9 years ago
WA, Australia
Lyn Jackson
Posted 9 years ago
WA, Australia
this is awesome. Not only is is a fun game for the children it teaches them their place values. how exciting. Thankyou Teach This. Lyn Jackson
shannon elliott
Posted 8 years ago
SA, Australia
Kids love this game. Have used its heaps this term.
Michele Buck
Posted 8 months ago
QLD, Australia
This is a great way for children to practice place value independently. I love that there are 8 different boards to use