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Multiples Poster

Multiples Poster
Mathematics Resources

This is a great warm-up activity for students to practise their times tables. The Multiples wall posters, make an easy reference for students to self-assess their Multiplication Wheels card after the time is up. Set a timer, or students can work at their own pace. 

Maths lesson warm-up, maths rotations, individual activity, fast finishers.

Suitable for
  • Fast Finishers
  • Relief Teachers
  • Parents
Lesson Structure
  • Individual Activity
  • Rotations / Group Work
  • Class Activity


Select cards with easier times tables to support students. 


Select cards with more challenging times tables for extension.

Susan Kirkwood
Posted 2 months ago
NSW, Australia
So colourful. Perfect to replace our old display. Love it. Thanks.
Stella Leotta
Posted 2 years ago
QLD, Australia
Used these posters as visual support for students who struggle with Multiplication. Great support!
Mary Silvestro
Posted 2 years ago
QLD, Australia
Love this resource!!