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Perpetual Calendar

Perpetual Calendar
Classroom Displays

This perpetual calendar is a beautiful resource and a terrific learning tool. It features: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Today's Date, Season and Weather. Use this in combination with the Calendar Template listed below.

Rose Fillery
Posted 10 years ago
NSW, Australia
Wow! This is excellent. I printed it onto magnetic paper so it will work on the classroom whiteboard.
Kerry Lane
Posted 1 year ago
WA, Australia
I am using this as a replacement to my current on which is used every day in class.
Jenny Rogers
Posted 9 years ago
NSW, Australia
An incredible resource Thank you
Lyn Geraghty
Posted 9 years ago
QLD, Australia
Just what I have been looking for - thanks!
leticia moreno
Posted 8 years ago
NSW, Australia
Thank you very much! This will work quite nicely in my kindergarten classroom! :)
Melissa Xuereb
Posted 6 years ago
NSW, Australia
I love this quality resource! Thank you TeachThis!