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Reading Responses with Multiple Intelligences (48 cards)

Reading Responses with Multiple Intelligences (48 cards)

Each activity is individually numbered and linked to Howard Gardner's 8 Multiple Intelligences. They are suited to ANY STORY and ALL YEAR LEVELS. Activities range from Bloom's Taxonomy lower level thinking through to higher level thinking. Colour coded to dominant intelligence. Perfect resource for any classroom. Relief teachers and home schoolers will also find this particularly useful.

Suitable for
  • Fast Finishers
  • Relief Teachers
  • Parents
Lesson Structure
  • Individual Activity
  • Rotations / Group Work
  • Class Activity
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Zelka Stark
Posted 11 years ago
QLD, Australia
Great activities
Jacqueline Dunbar
Posted 11 years ago
QLD, Australia
Very helpful. Great idea to get children more interested in reading activities. Great for rotating group activities.
Clare Bellio
Posted 2 years ago
VIC, Australia
I have used this resource numerous times for when the students need to review their book club books. Fantastic resource which l can highly recommend!!!!
Tamara-Lee Aleckson
Posted 10 years ago
NSW, Australia
This gives the students the chance to be creative with their literacy learning. They have more ownership of their work and are enthusiastic.
Terri Hinch
Posted 5 years ago
, Australia
Fantastic resource. Great for spelling rotations.