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Recount Writing Prompt Sheets

Recount Writing Prompt Sheets

Eight A4 pages of words with picture prompts to help students learn to write recounts - including Who, What, Where, When, Why, How did you feel?, How did you get there? and What happened next?

eleonore simpson
Posted 2 years ago
NT, Australia
easy to identify students' weekend. Most of my students are nonverbal.
Joanne Evans
Posted 10 years ago
WA, Australia
Fantastic !! Great for oral news telling too!
Meritta Dalla-Vecchia
Posted 10 years ago
NSW, Australia
I have seen this used in a variety of special needs and mainstream classrooms and cannot recommend it enough!
Tina Crocker
Posted 10 years ago
NSW, Australia
Great story starters for early grades and students needing extra help.
Rachel Lane
Posted 8 years ago
QLD, Australia
Excellent, very bright and easy for students to use.