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Recount Writing Prompt Sheets

Recount Writing Prompt Sheets

Eight A4 pages of words with picture prompts to help students learn to write recounts - including Who, What, Where, When, Why, How did you feel?, How did you get there? and What happened next?

eleonore simpson
Posted 1 year ago
NT, Australia
easy to identify students' weekend. Most of my students are nonverbal.
Joanne Evans
Posted 9 years ago
WA, Australia
Fantastic !! Great for oral news telling too!
Meritta Dalla-Vecchia
Posted 9 years ago
NSW, Australia
I have seen this used in a variety of special needs and mainstream classrooms and cannot recommend it enough!
Tina Crocker
Posted 9 years ago
NSW, Australia
Great story starters for early grades and students needing extra help.
Rachel Lane
Posted 7 years ago
QLD, Australia
Excellent, very bright and easy for students to use.