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STEAM Unit: Introduction to Unplugged Coding

STEAM Unit: Introduction to Unplugged Coding

Coding is a way of thinking, a way of problem-solving, and can exist even without a computer. Unplugged coding is a great way to introduce the concept of coding to early students who may lack literacy and computer skills to enjoy traditional coding programs.

In this activity, student groups solve a variety of mazes using simple, graphic commands.

Each maze is given a difficulty measure so that students can monitor their progress. The mazes are also designed to require cooperation as they get more difficult as students will need to pool their command blocks to come up with a solution.

Suitable for
  • Relief Teachers
  • Parents
Lesson Structure
  • Individual Activity
  • Rotations / Group Work


If you would like to extend your students, they can use the series of “Make Your Own” maze cards where they will fill in the obstacles for Archaeologist Jones.