Upper Primary A3 Laminated Poster Pack

This pack was designed for Years 5-6. You'll receive 13 classroom posters laminated and ready to go! Each poster in this pack was selected specifically to suit the requirements of an upper primary classroom, with each poster likely to be used on a daily basis.


You will receive each of the following A3 laminated posters:

  1. Narrative vs Persuasive
  2. Divisibility Rules
  3. Clever Kids Are Snack Smart
  4. Spelling Rules - Upper Primary
  5. The Writing Process (and Proofreading Symbols)
  6. Bully Free Zone
  7. Measurement Conversion Poster
  8. The Best Words To Use For: Narrative vs Persuasive
  9. Punctuation Rules Poster
  10. Aussie Idioms, Similes, Metaphors
  11. Fractions - Equivalent, Proper, Improper
  12. Maths Language
  13. Adjective Poster