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What is the Data? Class Activity

What is the Data? Class Activity
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Engage your students in the exciting world of data collection with this interactive class activity! Students will participate in surveys about their favourite free-time activities and daily technology usage, conduct observations of Skittle or M&M packets and enjoy experiments like balancing on one leg with eyes closed or memory tests. Use this resource alongside the 'What is the Data? Worksheets' to further enhance independent learning. It is a must-have for any classroom exploring data collection!

Curriculum Codes

AC9M3ST01 9

Acquire data for categorical and discrete numerical variables to address a question of interest or purpose by observing, collecting and accessing data sets; record the data using appropriate methods including frequency tables and spreadsheets

ACMSP070 8.4

Interpret and compare data displays


Interpret and compare data displays

MA2-1WM old

Uses appropriate terminology to describe, and symbols to represent, mathematical ideas

MA2-2WM old

Selects and uses appropriate mental or written strategies, or technology, to solve problems

MA2-3WM old

Checks the accuracy of a statement and explains the reasoning used

MA2-18SP old

Selects appropriate methods to collect data, and constructs, compares, interprets and evaluates data displays, including tables, picture graphs and column graphs

MA2-DATA-01 new

Collects discrete data and constructs graphs using a given scale

MA2-DATA-02 new

Iinterprets data in tables, dot plots and column graphs



Provide students with ‘What is the Data? Worksheets’ to complete alongside the class activity.

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