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Word Alternatives

Word Alternatives

This is a great game where students are required to think of as replacement words for commonly overused words.

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catherine howells
Posted 10 months ago
QLD, Australia
I have used this as part of my literacy rotations. Kids enjoy playing the game together, writing words on their Show Me Boards. It's also good to have them play in teams of 2, so that they help each other brainstorm more words. I have printed and laminated the cards and stored them in an A4 binder wallet. I choose literacy games like this to support the content we are doing in English and it is great that there are so many available. I also like the way there is an instruction card included because it provides a handy reminder to kids on how to play the game, when I am busy with a teaching group.
Kathy Chapman
Posted 9 years ago
VIC, Australia
Great idea -thanks.