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You're an important piece of this puzzle

You're an important piece of this puzzle
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'You're an important piece of this puzzle' is a resource that provides each student with a puzzle piece on which to express their personality. Students will each receive a piece of the overall puzzle. They must write their name (in large artistic writing) on this puzzle piece and draw those things that are special to them. You can ask them todraw anything you wish: hobbies, favourite movie, favourite food, greatest strength, best quality, etc.

Each student will cut out their piece of the puzzle and place them all together to complete the puzzle. It relays the message that each piece is necessary to complete the puzzle, and that no one piece is more important than another.

Do you have less than 30 students? We've thought of that too, and have provided some great ideas.

Denise Excell
Posted 1 year ago
SA, Australia

I have a group that is very different to one another this year and so I will be using this to form them into a cohesive group.