This Adaptations unit is designed to cover the Biological Sciences content areas for year 5 students. Students explore the types of adaptations that organisms make in order to survive in their environment. They look at different biomes and the adaptations of the plants and animals in these biomes. They represent their findings through scientific diagrams and annotations. Students investigate active times of different animals and learn terms including diurnal, nocturnal, crepuscular and cathemeral. Students also research plant adaptations and the way that plants mimic the look of other things in order to survive. They explore how carnivorous plants have adapted to trap and digest their food, including pitcher plants. Students explore how plants survive catastrophic events, such as the Australian Banksia and bushfire survival. They look at the common types of seed dispersal and research one of their choice. At the end of the unit, students complete an information report of behavioural and physical adaptations of plants and animals.

7 x 1 hour lessons
Cross curriculum
26x resources/worksheets
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