This unit is based on the Year 3 Australian Curriculum HASS Inquiry Skills, Knowledge and Understandings. Students develop an understanding of weather and how climatic zones are different.

They collect daily temperatures and weather information and they create and interpret a class graph.

Students learn how to read maps and their features, including scales, legends and grid references.

Students locale Australia and neighbouring countries on a world map and discuss the direction of travel to each place from Australia.

Students examine the different temperature zones of Australia; equatorial, tropical, sub-tropical, desert, grassland and temperate and mark them on a map of Australia. They mark some natural and human features on a map of Australia and use a legend to label the map.

Students compare two states or territories of Australia and list their natural and human features, as well as climate zones.

10 x 1 hour lessons
Cross curriculum
26x resources/worksheets
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Students will:

  • Learn about the difference between weather and climate.
  • Recognise the location of the different climate zones of Australia and the world. 
  • Learn how to read a map and its key features.
  • Understand the difference between natural and human features.
  • Compare two states or territories and draw conclusions.
  • Learn how to draw and interpret a graph.
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