This unit is based on the Year 5 Australian Curriculum HASS Inquiry Skills, Knowledge and Understandings.

Students explore the countries and manmade changes of both Europe and North America.

They explore the Indigenous Australians' methods of land and resource management and how the biodiversity of Australia drastically changed after European Settlement.

Students investigate liveability and complete an information report on one of the effects of climate change and the way it impacts liveability.

They explore the influence of landforms on the development of settlements that are involved in fibre and food production, specifically focusing on the Ganges, Yangtze, Amazon and Mekong Rivers.

They explore the unique environment of Antarctica and how it is used and managed through exploring the Antarctic Treaty and Antarctic settlements.

Students explore the locations in which floods and bushfires occur, focusing on the severity, impacts and prevention in Australia.

9 x 1 hour lessons
Cross curriculum
18x resources/worksheets
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The key concepts in this unit include:

  • There are manmade and natural structures with continents of the world that impact sustainability, liveability and production of food and fibres. 
  • We have a lot to learn from Indigenous Australians in order to maintain Australia’s biodiversity.
  • Changes to environments, such as climate change, can impact the liveability.
  • Unique environments can be managed and used sustainably in an agreeable way.
  • There is a higher instance of natural disasters to particular areas within Australia.
  • For safety, it is imperative that we are prepared for natural disasters in Australia.
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