This is a 5 lesson unit designed to cover the first of two Biological Science content areas for year
4 students.

Lessons 2-4 could be taught in any order, and you may want to move lesson 4 up just because of the attached lab, which will take about 2 weeks of classroom time.

The topic of 'Insects' was put into lesson 2, because of the familiarity most students have with insect lifecycles, specifically butterflies.

You may want to incorporate a butterfly or insect hatching as an optional activity to this
unit as well, which you could do in line with lesson 2.

5 x 1 hour lessons
Cross curriculum
12x resources/worksheets
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In this unit students will;

  • Observe and record data on the development of living things.
  • Describe the stages of life cycles for different living things.
  • Learn about the process of metamorphosis.
  • Compare the life cycles of different living things, including plants, insects, and mammals.