Over the previous 3 school years, students should have become quite familiar with living things. In this unit, we add to that understanding by contrasting living things with non-living things and once-living things. Students focus closely on the characteristics of these things so that they’re able to identify and sort them. During the course of these 8-9 lessons, students cover all the relevant components of the Science Understanding components for the Year 4 Australian National Curriculum for Biological Sciences.

8 x 1 hour lessons
Cross curriculum
24x resources/worksheets
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In this unit, students will:

  • Identify living, non-living and once-living things.
  • Observe characteristics of living, non-living and once-living things.
  • Explore differences between living, non-living and once-living things.
  • Investigate how to classify plants and animals into groups.
  • Investigate products that are made from living things.
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