This unit is based on the Year 6 Australian Curriculum HASS Civics and Citizenships Knowledge and Understandings. This unit is content heavy, but we have tried to lighten it up with some fun activities and interesting presentations. This unit is a great introduction to the political system before a trip to Canberra. It is worth considering doing after our history unit as well, as the stronger a student’s understanding of federation, the easier some concepts will be.

Some of this content will have been covered before, in previous years (levels of government in year 4, voting in year 5) and some of it overlaps with other HASS units you may have done this year (History). While it never hurts to go over something more than once, it might be beneficial to check the understanding of your group and adjust your speed accordingly. There are more activities than there are lessons, so feel free to stretch out the activities, or cut some, as required in your classroom.

8 x 1 hour lessons
Cross curriculum
22x resources/worksheets
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