This unit is based on the Year 2 Australian Curriculum HASS Inquiry Skills, Knowledge and Understandings. Students explore the 7 continents model and explore facts about each continent. They investigate the imaginary lines of the world including the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer, as well as the Equator, Arctic and Antarctic Circles. Students investigate the differences between states and territories and explore their local state/ territory. They explore the five oceans of the world and the three oceans that surround Australia. Students discuss Indigenous borders and names of local places.

8 x 1 hour lessons
Cross curriculum
42x resources/worksheets
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In this unit students explore the following concepts;

  • The worlds continents, geographical divisions and locations of Australia
  • Using a map locate Australia, states, territories and capital cities
  • Explore the oceans of the world and oceans surrounding Australia
  • Indigenous place names
  • Investigate the differences between local, national and global scales.
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