This is a 10 lesson unit that is designed to cover the Australian National Curriculum for Year 5 Earth and Space Sciences.

Over the course of this unit, students will develop an understanding of our solar system, including the relative sizes and distances of the planets. This unit involves classroom demonstrations, online research, famous scientists through history and comic strips about Roman gods. Through these cross curricular activities, students will understand what we now know about our place in space, as well as how, and why, that understanding has changed through time.

Every lesson comes complete with an activity worksheet, and there is a final summative assessment quiz to complete the unit.

10 x 1 hour lessons
Cross curriculum
18x resources/worksheets
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In this unit, students:

  • Discover how we fit in the universe.
  • Learn how our understanding of the solar system has changed through time, thanks to the work of astronomers and the changes in technology.
  • Model our relative size and distance to other planets and stars.
  • Investigate how the sun fuels the earth.
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