This unit is based on the Year 4 Australian Curriculum HASS Inquiry Skills, Knowledge and Understandings. Students explore the rules and laws, and how they affect us. They investigate the difference between laws and rules. They explore the concepts of equal and equitable, and whether or not equal means fair. Students compare and explore the Australian law system and Indigenous Lore. They are introduced to the three levels of government, and learn more about the local government including laws and community groups. Students explore compulsory and non-compulsory voting.

9 x 1 hour lessons
Cross curriculum
13x resources/worksheets
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In this unit students explore the following concepts;

  • Learn what is the difference between rules and laws
  • Explore the reasons why we have rules and laws
  • Develop questions about the society in which they live
  • Understand that they can have an impact on local government (council).