This is a unit designed to cover the Australian National Curriculum for Year 3 Chemical Science. It has a lot in common with the year 3 Heat unit, and you may be able to fit both into a single term if you’d like. It is recommended that you do the unit on heat before this unit, as it will help students have a better conception of how heat energy works. 
Because of the overlap between some of the underlying science between this and the physical sciences unit, as well what students have previously learned about phases of matter, this unit is shorter than many of our units. However, the investigations and worksheets in lesson 2 and 3 are quite long, and you may want to split these classes over two days.

4 x 1 hour lessons
Cross curriculum
9x resources/worksheets
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In this lesson students will;

  • investigating how liquids and solids respond to changes in temperature, for example, water changing to ice, or melting chocolate
  • explore how changes from solid to liquid and liquid to solid can help us recycle materials
  • predict the effect of heat on different materials