This is a 10 lesson unit, designed to cover the Australian Curriculum for Year 4 Earth and Space Sciences.

Over the course of this unit, students learn how the surface of the earth changes over time due to weathering and erosion. Students get hands-on experience investigating and sorting rock and soil samples, and they investigate the role that we play in shaping how erosion happens.

Students will zoom in on the tiniest crystals in a rock and zoom out as far as we can go, using Google Earth to visit extraordinary examples of geological change around the world.

Each lesson has an accompanying activity worksheet for students to complete, and there is a quiz that can be used as a summative assessment task at the end of the unit.

10 x 1 hour lessons
Cross curriculum
20x resources/worksheets
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In this unit, students:

  • Learn about the composition of both rocks and soil. 
  • Investigate local soil and rock samples for evidence of geological change.
  • Learn how the surface of the world can be changed through erosion and weathering.
  • Consider how humans impact erosion and change.
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