Understand the sudden change that can happen because of extreme weather and natural disasters.

1 hour lessons
Cross curriculum
3x resources/worksheets
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Curriculum content descriptions


Compare methods and findings with those of others, recognise possible sources of error, pose questions for further investigation and select evidence to draw reasoned conclusions


Investigate how scientific knowledge is used by individuals and communities to identify problems, consider responses and make decisions


Construct and use appropriate representations, including tables, graphs and visual or physical models, to organise and process data and information and describe patterns, trends and relationships


Plan and conduct repeatable investigations to answer questions, including, as appropriate, deciding the variables to be changed, measured and controlled in fair tests; describing potential risks; planning for the safe use of equipment and materials; and identifying required permissions to conduct investigations on Country/Place


Describe how weathering, erosion, transportation and deposition cause slow or rapid change to Earth’s surface


Write and create texts to communicate ideas and findings for specific purposes and audiences, including selection of language features, using digital tools as appropriate


Pose investigable questions to identify patterns and test relationships and make reasoned predictions