This unit is based on the Year 1 Australian Curriculum HASS Inquiry Skills, Knowledge and Understandings.

Students explore Australia on a local and global scale, looking at Australia’s location on the globe, the oceans surrounding Australia, special places in Australia and identify Australian states and territories.

Students investigate natural, managed and constructed features within the community.

Students compare weather in two local areas, and they explore daily and seasonal weather.

Students explore local habitats, determining if they look healthy or unhealthy. They discuss how to care for local habitats, learning how and why it is important to keep these areas healthy.

9 x 1 hour lessons
Cross curriculum
20x resources/worksheets
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Students will:

  • Investigate Australia and where it is located.
  • Explore Australian cities.
  • Investigate some special places in Australia.
  • Explore natural, managed and constructed features in the community.
  • Understand caring for and maintaining habitats.
  • Investigate types of weather and how this differs between locations.
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