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Australian Settlement

Australian Settlement
HASS Resources Australia Day

This set includes 11 posters detailing the early days of British settlement in Australia.


The images included in the charts were created exclusively for Teach This and make this a very special classroom resource.


It covers indigenous Australians, the British claim on New South Wales, the First Fleet, settlers, convicts, punishment, early transport and housing conditions as well as the celebration of Australia Day and the Aboriginal day of mourning.

Kristine Philp
Posted 9 years ago
NSW, Australia
These are wonderful for classroom display to be used in conjunction with the unit on British Colonisation. Wish I had been able to use them when I was teaching Stage 2 HSIE. Kris
Gillian McKenzie
Posted 9 years ago
NSW, Australia
The pictures give a concise history of Australia that can easily be used as a guide and elaborated on in class discussions. Great to have on display. Gillian